1 Month EFS Boot Camp Pass - Mike Padua Jr

1 Month EFS Boot Camp Pass

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Do you want to attend any of my group fitness classes and become part of the Enhance Fitness Studio community?  If so, purchase now!


What Classes Do You Teach?  I teach...

  • 5:30am to 6:30am Boot Camp on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
  • 8:30am to 9:30am Hard Core on Wednesday
  • 8:30am to 9:30am Boot Camp on Friday

What is Boot Camp?  In boot camp you are going to experience nearly every fitness discipline.  Here is the  cycle breakdown:

  • 1 week of Strength.  During this week we focus on foundation and integrated exercises to increase your strength and balance to improve function and physique.  We turn up the metabolic furnace this week, aka burn a ton of calories all day.
  • 1 week of Cardio.  During this week we focus on stamina and speed.  This is a high heart rate week that burns a ton of calories during the session.  When you come to this week, you will experience general conditioning to sport specific to give you consistent variety to your cardio.
  • 2 weeks of Interval.  During these 2 weeks you are going to experience the best of both worlds.  We will be combining strength and cardio to give you the ultimate fitness challenge in a fun and rewarding atmosphere.  

What is Hard Core?  Hard Core is very similar to the 2 weeks of interval training we do at boot camp but it consist of a little more core training.  Hard Core is only offered on Wednesday and it is a great program for someone that hates doing core exercises.  Why?  Although there are some sit-ups at class, I try to focus on the core at a 360 degree approach...meaning there is more to core then just sit-ups.

So, are you interested?  Sign-up now!  Oh, and another perk is that this package just doesn't cover you for just my classes, but all of the Group Fitness Classes offered at Enhance Fitness StudioClick here for Enhance Fitness Studio's current class schedule.

Not sure about joining or want more info?  Contact me and we can talk about options, questions, concerns, and anything else to get you kicking butt. : )