My 3 Favorite Protein Powders

It is usually around this time of the year when I get the famous question, "What protein powders should I be using".  So, without hesitation, I am going to share with you, the 3 protein powders you will find next to my Ninja, just ready to get blended up.

Respect from Pride Nutrition

Respect is my "go to" protein powder mix, meaning I use it most frequently.  Why?  It is clean, it easy to mix, and it blends well with most of the smoothies I whip together.

High Protein Coffee Powder Mix from Opportuniteas

So lately, I have been cutting back on my afternoon cup of java plus I have been looking to gain a little more lean muscle.  So I did some research and found this great tasting mix that has helped me with two of my goals I will be working on in 2018.  Taste great and super clean.  I normally mix it with just almond milk, but when I do have time, I do add some ice cubes and whip it up in the blender.

Plant Based Protein Powder from Pure Food Company

Like I preach, I find variety is the spice of life.  2 - 3 times a week, I will change it up a bit and add some plant based protein to the mix and normally a variety.  This one is 100% organic, has real food ingredients, with probiotics. It's free of added sugar, gluten, dairy, soy, corn, GMOs, and additives like so-called "natural" flavors.
So, there you have it.  These the latest three protein powders you will find me using today. Hope this helps and start the new year strong! 
Happy New Year!
Have Fun & Stay Fit!
Mike Padua, Jr.

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