Equip Your Home with These 4 Exercise Products

If you are looking to subscribe to my website and utilize the 20 - 30 minute weekend warrior workouts to your fullest; here are the top 4 pieces of equipment that you will need to dominate your workout:


  • Loop Bands - to attack the glutes and hamstrings
  • Resistance Bands - to add variety to your upper body and lower body challenges
  • Exercise Mat - to save you elbows, knees, and back from ground core exercises.
  • Dumbbell Set - don't need massive weight, just light weight for exercises light delt raises and moderate weight for exercises like shoulder press.

Most of the workouts will be bodyweight, but lets face it, workouts are so much more fun with toys.  The greatest thing is that all of this can cost you less then $200 thanks to Amazon...all depends how much you want to equip your in-home gym.  Haha, before purchasing, head to deepest corner of your garage or basement and search for some dumbbells, you will be amazed on what you may find.

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